6 Ideal Dog Breeds for Seniors

Dog Breeds

Many people in their later years have to endure the loss of their lifelong partner, and introducing a dog into their lives can certainly go a long way to filling that void. A faithful pet like a dog can be a wonderful companion, and if you are wondering which breed of dog would be most suitable for an elderly person, we have created a list.

  1. The Pug – This adorable little fellow is ideal for a senior, as it is easy to groom and generally has a great temperament. They do not require a great deal of exercise and are quite happy to snuggle up with their owner and watch a good movie, and they can be very playful. Despite their fearsome expression, pugs are usually very friendly and when he’s hungry, you will soon know, as he is an intelligent breed.
  1. Shih-Tzu – A gentle and affectionate breed, the Shih-Tzu is a small but very sturdy dog, and while they do like daily walks, a quick trip round the block will suffice. This breed can be very protective of their owner, plus they make for good guard dogs and will bark when anyone approaches the home. A great handbag dog that you can take anywhere, and they do love grooming and pampering and are generally friendly with people and other dogs.
  1. The Poodle – The poodle comes in three sizes; toy, miniature and standard and they do like to be pampered. An intelligent breed, the poodle is easy to care for and they are protective by nature, and like any dog, the poodle needs regular check-ups at the vet, and with some pet insurance, a portion of your vet bills will be covered. Whatever breed you choose, it is important to have the dog vaccinated, and by registering him with your local vet, he can have his check-ups and his health will be monitored.
  1. Yorkshire Terrier – Definitely one of the most popular small dog breeds, the Yorkie is perfect for a senior, with a great temperament and they are very protective. They love to be close to their owner and will exercise at any time, and if you just want a friendly companion, the Yorkshire terrier is the perfect choice.
  1. Miniature Schnauzer – This compact breed is strong and has a friendly nature, although they do need a lot of exercise for a little dog, and they can be very vocal when someone approaches your front door. Fiercely loyal, this is a great breed if you like to engage in a little play and they are very easy to train.
  1. Boston terrier – This is a breed that likes to laze around a lot, so if you enjoy quiet days reading or watching TV, this could be the breed for you. Easy to groom, the Boston terrier can be a trifle bossy, so a firm hand is needed.

If you live alone and would like some company, any of the above breeds would make for an ideal companion, and by taking out some form of pet insurance, a portion of vet bills will be covered.