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As a pet owner, life at home can get pretty messy. This could extend outdoors whenever you bring your fur baby outside for a walk at the park. This explains the responsibility expected of people who intend to adopt dogs or cats. Can you keep up with your pet’s daily needs?

This might be a tough question to answer, especially when you have kids to care for or work to attend to. Still, having existing priorities shouldn’t dissuade you when there are tricks you can follow to keep your home and your pet clean. Be it washing food bowls or getting rid of the urine stench, here are some pet tips to note.

Tracing Stinks And Stains

Unless your pet has been potty-trained, there’s a high chance it will pee or poop anywhere in your house. There might also be instances wherein your pet inadvertently trots indoors after staying outside, leaving footprints and stains on your floor. These situations could cause your home to stink up due to urine, poop, or dirt from outdoors.

It could be hard to clean this up, especially if the stench is located somewhere inconspicuous. To trace these seemingly invisible stains, you can use a blacklight to illuminate urine marks on walls or corners. Pet owners who don’t have keen senses will find this especially useful.

Washing And Drying Carpets

Carpets can be the first indoor piece that gets dirty due to daily foot traffic. They become even dirtier if you have a pet or two running around the house. Dust, soil, or mud from outdoors are the common factors that make carpets hard to clean. If these are left on the carpet, they could get spread to other parts of the house.

Having mud or poop on the carpet could happen a lot if you spend lots of time outside with your pets or if they don’t have potty training. You can let the stains dry first to make them easier to remove. Use a vacuum or a brush to clean the particles, then treat the stain with laundry detergent, dish soap, and warm water. This should eliminate the smell left behind.

Getting Grime Off Toys And Bowl

Objects that get into a lot of contact with pets are bound to be dirty, such as toys or food bowls. Watch out for grime, which is dirt that has clung onto an object’s surface. This is tougher to clean than average dirt, so it matters to spot if your pet toys and bowls already show signs of it.

Grime can be prevented through regular washing. For removal, use a cold wash cycle for cloth-type toys, but put them inside a pillowcase first. For chew toys and food bowls that have become unpleasantly sticky, put them under a dishwashing cycle. If this appliance is unavailable, you can use hot, soapy water and rinse the objects manually.

Removing Pet Hair From Furniture Or Beds

Many pet owners let their dogs or cats sit on their sofas, while some are fine with the pets sleeping with them in bed. While this is endearing, this also means pet hair gets left on furniture or your bedsheets. This isn’t really ideal, especially for residents who might develop allergies to fur.

To remove pet hair from your furniture or beds, a rubber squeegee can do the trick. Find a rug that you can rub the squeegee with. The resulting friction can attract fur from the fabric and gather them into collectible piles. If you have the time to, you can also vacuum them off these surfaces. Look for models specifically made to vacuum pet hair.

Catching Hair While Bathing Pets

Bathing pets is essential to maintaining their hygiene, but you might find it cumbersome to unclog drains filled with pet hair or clean the fur from the bathroom floor. This problem might occur more frequently for owners of hairy pet breeds. Whether you bathe pets indoors or outside, placing a hair catcher can make this task easier.

There are bath mats with holes that can drain water but catch wet fur from your pet. These mats are made of materials that won’t absorb water, which helps them dry up faster after you’re done using them in the bath. These shower mats can also help your pets stay stable and not slip around if ever they get restless.

Masking Scratches On Wood

Wooden doors or furniture can make your home look messy if your pets continuously scratch or gnaw at then. If you have a dog or cat that tends to get overly playful with these objects at home, you can mask or make the scratches fade using varnish or gel stain.

These products can leave a finish on wooden surfaces, making the scratch marks less obvious. When looking for gel stains or varnish, just make sure that they match the existing finish of your wooden doors or furniture. Lay a plastic cover over these wooden surfaces to ensure your pets won’t dent them anymore.

Creating Tip-Proof Pet Bowls

Having pet bowls that won’t get tipped easily by your cat or dog can help keep your home clean. This can save you the hassle of having to wipe sweep liquids or food that got spilled from their respective bowls. If you’re the owner of energetic breeds who get extra jumpy during feeding time, these bowls become especially helpful.

To come up with tip-proof pet bowls, prepare a cutting tool, an existing container, and a peg. Cut a hole in the middle of the bowl, pan, or container, then lay it on the ground. Drive the peg through the hole and ensure it stays there. For water containers, find those that already have raised holes in the middle. You can also just fasten the peg at the side of the water bowls.

Tricks For Owners, New And Old

Sure, an old dog can’t learn new tricks, but as a smart pet owner, you can definitely use the modern tips above to keep your house clean. Talk with other pet parents or animal experts to make sure you’re on the right track. By reading this, though, we can tell that you already are.

Your dog is your fur baby who depends on you for good health and happiness. Every dog parent should be responsible when it comes to making the best food choices for their pet. There is a common assumption that all dog food brands use the same ingredients; however, this is not true. You need to be an informed consumer when it comes to choosing the best dog food for your pet. It is here that you should be educated with the right information for the overall well-being and health of your beloved pet!

The best lamb dog food for your dog’s health!

When it the best lamb dog food for your pet, you must understand how lamb can help in providing your fur baby the nutrition that he needs. Lamb is essentially rich in protein and can be given to any dog who has food allergies to beef and chicken. If you have an obese dog, lamb is the ideal protein source that is low in fat, helping your dog to maintain weight healthily. It is dense with minerals and many nutrients. Lamb meat boosts the energy of your dog and provides wholesome nutrition in a single meal. There are both dry and wet variants of lamb dog food that you can give to your dog daily. However, when you are buying the canned wet variant of lamb dog food, make sure that your dog eats it immediately. If your dog needs the food to be left out, choosing a dry kibble is the ideal choice as wet food generally becomes spoilt if it is left out in the open for more than 2 hours.

Check out the other ingredients of the dog food

Simply lamb meat is not enough for you to be assured that your dog is getting the nutrients that he needs. You need to carefully read pet food labels to understand whether the rest of the ingredients in the dog food are safe for your pet or not.

Choose brands that have more natural nutrition and fewer preservatives

Vets recommend you choose dog food brands that have natural ingredients and less of preservatives. If your dog has digestive problems, choose a grain-free variant of dog food. Natural ingredients ideal for your dog can be sweet potatoes, berries, pumpkin, and the like. You need to be aware of the size and the health condition of your dog to give him the right food. In case you have a dog with special needs, consult your vet first for any special brands of lamb dog food that he might recommend for your dog.

The best lamb dog food ensures that your pet gets the best nutrition for high energy levels and good health. The meal is tasty, and your dog will look forward to eating it every time you give it to him. In case, you have a healthy dog and wish to give him a different meal once in a while; you can pick up a good brand of lamb dog food and make your beloved dog happy with a delicious meal!

Your dog needs regular love and care just like you do. If you often watch your dog closely and you know their habits and behaviors, it will be easy to notice when they are doing something out of the ordinary. Even after doing your best to provide good nutrition for your dog, you may notice that your dog is exhibiting some abnormal signs.

One of the common issues that dogs face is knee and joint problems. Joint and hip problems can be inherited. They can also be caused by ligament degeneration due to prolonged use. Aging can, therefore, be a cause of joint problems in your dog. Injury, accidents, and some diseases can also cause hip and joint problems in dogs. If your dog has a joint or hip issue, you should get them hip and joint supplement for dogs.

If you are wondering whether your dog needs hip and joint supplements, below are some ways you can tell;

  1. Your dog struggles to sit or stand

Not being able to sit or stand comfortably is the major sign that your dog needs a boost. Your dog puts a lot of pressure on their joints every time they jump or run around. Their joints, therefore, wear away and get weaker with time. As your dog continues to put pressure on its joints, the cartilage on their joints decreases, and they will experience joint pain when moving.

Notice how your dog behaves when you call him or her or send them somewhere. If they seem slower when walking or playing, it is time to give them joint supplements.

  1. Too much panting

If you are a dog owner, you have to agree that dog panting can threaten to drive you nuts especially when you are trying to get some sleep. Dogs pant the most when it is too hot or when they have been doing some activities like running. If you have had your dog for a long time, you know their panting habits and what you would consider normal.

If you notice abnormal panting from your dog even when they have not done much, that may be a sign of a joint issue. His or her joint may be in pain and you need to give them joint supplements.

  1. Limping

Perhaps one of the most obvious sign of a joint problem with your dog is limping. Watch your dog closely when they are running around to see if they walk normally or favor one leg over the other.

  1. Swelling of joints

Fluids can accumulate in your dog’s joints causing pain, bacterial infections, and the deterioration of bone and cartilage. If your dog knees seem to have gotten larger and also feel tender, they could use some supplements.

  1. Too much wagging and barking

If your dog is barking and wagging their tail a little too much or too aggressively, they may be calling your attention to pain in their joints.

You do not need to wait until your dog is old or unwell to give him or her joint supplements. Even puppies could use hip and joint supplements from as early as 12 months. These supplements will keep them healthy and prevent potential joint problems.

What Exactly Is A Cattery

As much as you love your cat, there are times when your feline companion cannot accompany you. This could either be because of travel or other commitments, where a pet is not necessarily welcome. In such cases, you will need a place to look after your cat in the period you are unavailable.

This is exactly what a cattery does.

A cattery is boarding or hotel for cats where they will be looked after with uttermost care and attention. These are sometimes referred to as cat kennels. These are usually indoor and outdoor facilities that ensure that your feline pet is fed, cleaned and checked on at regular intervals.

There are times in your life where you simply want to relax while you’re away without having to worry about your cat. Most importantly, you want to have peace of mind that your cat is okay and safe. If you pick a cattery based on certain conditions, you can be quite sure that you’re getting a safe and professional service.

How To Choose A Good Cattery

With all the options available, focusing on these factors mentioned below might come in handy when choosing the right cattery for your pet.


When visiting, ensure that the facility is comfortable for the cat. Similar to how we wouldn’t prefer living in a hotel with extreme conditions, our cats too prefer to live in a place with a comfortable temperature. Depending on the season, you might want to ensure that the facility has the equipment to provide enough warmth or cooling.


Any pet, however small needs a certain amount space to move around. Always ensure that the boarding you choose has both indoor and outdoor facilities, so that your cat avoid feeling claustrophobic.


Cleanliness is one of the main factors in deciding a facility for your cat. If the place does not meet basic standards, you are putting your cat at risk by admitting them there. Do not try to save on money by cutting corners. It will come to bite you back in the form of potential health issues for your pet (or even you).

Love and Affection

Giving your pet to a cattery should never mean that you are forgoing love and care. They must ensure that they are a perfect substitute for you while you are away. Previous customer reviews can give you a good idea about this factor of a particular cattery.

Watched and Monitored

A good facility will have trained professionals that monitor your pet regularly. When you aren’t around, it is their responsibility to ensure that no harm befalls your precious feline. Looking up reviews online can help determine how safe their service is.

Medical Facility

Ensure the cattery has a medical facility in the case of emergencies. Another alternative is having a veterinary clinic close-by and on-call.

Special Requirements

In case your pet has certain requirements, be it health-related or otherwise, a good facility should be able to accommodate it without much difficulty.

Farm insurance is something that many people need without necessarily knowing that they need it. Here are some ways to determine whether you might need insurance for your ranch or other property.

Multiple Buildings

If you have a significant number of buildings on your property beyond just your house and a garage, then you may need ranch insurance. You may need to do this in order to cover options like stables and barns for your ranch property.

Many Employees

For situations where you have a lot of employees helping out on the ranch, more than just one or two, chances are good that you’re going to need to get insurance to cover liabilities for a ranch with a large area that goes past a handful of acres. It’s not like one family can handle a ranch with hundreds of acres, so having many employees in this situation makes sense. Employees working on your property over that area can be a liability, so you need the right insurance coverage for it.

Large Animals

In the case where you are holding animals on your pets that aren’t just cat or dog size, you could need this type of insurance to cover animals like steer, cows or horses. Otherwise, any kind of accident involving larger animals may not be covered under standard homeowners insurance. You may need even more specific kinds of insurance as well, depending on your situation. This would include livestock insurance.

Overall, if you have a ranch or farm, or any plot of land with many buildings, animals, and employees working on it, then it’s often a good idea to seek out the right insurance to help solve the problem.  Otherwise, you’re going to risk having too little coverage in case something happens in the area that brings you liability and risk of litigation. It’s better to be prepared instead.

As a dog owner, you need to pay special attention towards its comfort during the winter season. As per veterinarians, the dogs are going through a lot of discomfort throughout the winter season. If you are having a senior dog, you need to be extra mindful about this. That’s because your senior dog has a weakened health and you need to ensure that you are providing appropriate assistance needed by it to refrain from hassle.

Unfortunately, your senior dog cannot speak and let you know about the pain they go through. Therefore, it is up to you to take necessary steps to provide the protection and care needed by your dog throughout winter.

The below mentioned tips can provide an excellent assistance for you to take care of the senior dog during winter season.

Find a good coat for your dog

Some of the dog breeds are blessed with thick natural coats. However, that is not in a position to provide comfort that they need during the winter season. Therefore, you should purchase an appropriate coat for your dog to wear during the winter. A good coat should have the ability to cover the entire body from neck to end of the tail. If you are having a senior dog, you should understand that the natural coat is weak and it doesn’t have the ability to provide protection during the winter season. Due to this reason, you are strongly encouraged to think about purchasing a coat from the market. Then you will be able to see how your senior dog prefers to spend most of his time on the coat, as it can deliver a comfortable experience.

Take your dog out when it is shiny

When you see the sunshine, you need to take the dog outdoors. Perth based Veterinarian clinic Thepetpractice noted that this can help your dog to enjoy the sunshine and avoid the frustration associated with winter chill. Without just letting the dog go out, you can think about playing along with him outdoors. Then you will be able to encourage your dog to spend more time outdoors. Your senior dog will feel good with these visits.

Keep the dog hydrated at all times

Keeping the dog hydrated can be considered as one of the best methods available for you to protect it from winter chill. That’s because the dogs tend to get dehydrated quickly during the winter season. To make sure that your dog is hydrated at all times, you can think about placing a bowl of water. In addition, you need to encourage your dog to drink water more often as well.

Groom the dog

Your dog is in need of a well-groomed and a clean coat throughout the winter season. Therefore, it is up to you to provide that coat to your companion. If your dog is spending a lot of time outdoors, you must focus a lot on dog grooming. Whenever your dog takes a bath, you can groom him. Your dog would love the entire process of grooming as well.

Never overfeed your dog

You should never overfeed your dog during the winter season. It is true that your dogs need additional nutrition to stay healthy during the winter season. However, you need to make sure that you don’t overfeed your dog with fat. There is no specific diet that you should provide to your dog. That’s because you will need to take a look at the activities of your dog and control the calorie intake accordingly. If your dog is playing, you will have to increase the calorie intake. If not, you shouldn’t be thinking about overfeeding the dog.

Moisturize the dog

Cold and dry weather can create a negative impact on the delicate skin of your dog. Therefore, you need to think about moisturizing it. With proper miniaturization, you will be able to keep the dog away from a variety of health conditions. They include flaky and dry skin as well. You don’t need to go ahead with chemical moisturizers, which can create a negative impact on the health of your dog in the long run. Instead, you can stick to natural moisturizers. Coconut oil is considered as one of the best natural moisturizers available for you to try out.

Create a cozy bed

During the winter season, you will recognize that your dog prefers to spend a lot of time inside the bed. Therefore, you need to create a cozy bed, which can keep him warm. If your dog doesn’t have a cozy bed, you need to think about getting a one. That’s because your dog cannot sleep on the cold winter floor. You can easily use few blankets to create a warm and comfortable bed for the dog. Or else, you can think about spending your money to purchase heated pet beds from the market.

Reduce the time you spend outdoors with the dog

Unlike summer season, you cannot go out and spend a lot of time with your dog during the winter season. Hence, you need to think about limiting the time that your dog spends outdoors. This can help you to prevent frustrating frostbites as well. This doesn’t mean that you should not let the dog go outdoors during winter. You can let him go out and play. However, you should keep an eye on your companion when he is out. If you can see any signs of cold in the dog, you need to take necessary steps to get him into the home.

Final Words

Taking care of a senior dog is never an easy thing to do. However, it is a must for you to provide protection needed by your senior dog during the winter season. Then you will be able to see how your senior dog is enjoying his time during the colder season of the year.

Maintaining a Reef

When it comes to caring for corals there are several things you should know before making decisions. 1st and foremost you should do your research regarding your corals and your plan. Then develop a care plan from set up to sustainability. Decide what type of coral you wish to have your tank and the type of equipment you need to maintain them. Lastly, remember to always be patient, impetuousness will simply get you into trouble in the aquarium hobby.

Setup and Cycling

After you have picked out your tank you need to decide on your rock arrangement. A good rule of thumb is for every gallon of water in your system you should have one pound of rock. This is important since your rock will be the medium in which you grow beneficial bacteria to filter out ammonia and nitrite. Next, you will need lights. VHO T5 bulbs and ballasts are good for beginners while high powered LEDs are perfect for more advanced hobbyists. Specific coral lights are important because corals are photosynthetic and need specific wavelengths to survive.

There are many different types of filtration and each level of high Tech gear can take you through the hobby however the bare minimum would be a hang on the back filter with carbon. Finally with everything set up you will need to run your tank for between 1 and 4 months in order to grow the bacteria and get it set up for fish and corals. The cycle has finished once you have an ammonia level of 0 and you have nitrate level in your water.


When it comes to fish your tank can only take so much of a bio load before it is head-over-heels with pollutants, however, with corals, there really isn’t much to consider other than your calcium and alkalinity since all forms of coral need those 2 components to grow. Soft corals are the easiest to maintain and require the lowest levels and highest range of differentiation. These consist of leather polyps mushrooms along with other various branching varieties. These are the type of corals best found in your friend’s aquarium with coral for sale.

They are easy to find and grow fast, but will still be expensive in the store. It’s best to throw a buddy a five and take a piece of his coral to start with. Next, are large polyp stony corals. These are more difficult to maintain and have higher requirements for lighting. They also are less tolerant of changes in your water parameters. Also, these corals are generally more aggressive and placement is definitely more difficult when considering its neighbors. Most of these corals have feeder tentacles that can be dangerous to their neighboring corals and can extend far with respect to their colonies’ total size. Lastly, are the small polyp stony corals.

These are expert level corals that require very high lighting and very high flow within the tank as well as very little change in the tanks water parameters. These are generally also the most expensive corals to purchase which is why I once again suggest you try finding a friend with an aquarium with coral for sale. In general, when a colleague or friend has this aquarium coral for sale they have a large enough colony that they don’t want it in their tank anymore and you can get a better deal.

The aquarium hobby is expensive and time-consuming. It is also unforgiving. It is easy to make a mistake that can kill off your entire tank. Remember to do your research, but still have fun!