Everything You Need to Know About Catteries


What Exactly Is A Cattery

As much as you love your cat, there are times when your feline companion cannot accompany you. This could either be because of travel or other commitments, where a pet is not necessarily welcome. In such cases, you will need a place to look after your cat in the period you are unavailable.

This is exactly what a cattery does.

A cattery is boarding or hotel for cats where they will be looked after with uttermost care and attention. These are sometimes referred to as cat kennels. These are usually indoor and outdoor facilities that ensure that your feline pet is fed, cleaned and checked on at regular intervals.

There are times in your life where you simply want to relax while you’re away without having to worry about your cat. Most importantly, you want to have peace of mind that your cat is okay and safe. If you pick a cattery based on certain conditions, you can be quite sure that you’re getting a safe and professional service.

How To Choose A Good Cattery

With all the options available, focusing on these factors mentioned below might come in handy when choosing the right cattery for your pet.


When visiting, ensure that the facility is comfortable for the cat. Similar to how we wouldn’t prefer living in a hotel with extreme conditions, our cats too prefer to live in a place with a comfortable temperature. Depending on the season, you might want to ensure that the facility has the equipment to provide enough warmth or cooling.


Any pet, however small needs a certain amount space to move around. Always ensure that the boarding you choose has both indoor and outdoor facilities, so that your cat avoid feeling claustrophobic.


Cleanliness is one of the main factors in deciding a facility for your cat. If the place does not meet basic standards, you are putting your cat at risk by admitting them there. Do not try to save on money by cutting corners. It will come to bite you back in the form of potential health issues for your pet (or even you).

Love and Affection

Giving your pet to a cattery should never mean that you are forgoing love and care. They must ensure that they are a perfect substitute for you while you are away. Previous customer reviews can give you a good idea about this factor of a particular cattery.

Watched and Monitored

A good facility will have trained professionals that monitor your pet regularly. When you aren’t around, it is their responsibility to ensure that no harm befalls your precious feline. Looking up reviews online can help determine how safe their service is.

Medical Facility

Ensure the cattery has a medical facility in the case of emergencies. Another alternative is having a veterinary clinic close-by and on-call.

Special Requirements

In case your pet has certain requirements, be it health-related or otherwise, a good facility should be able to accommodate it without much difficulty. They should be able to accommodate the best health care practices along with curt business service edge, with effective patient statement services at the end.