Most Effective Ways To Train Your Dog


Looking for dog training tips? Training is effective when it is done right away. Dog owners need to begin somewhere. It doesn’t matter if owners choose to train their dog on their own or choose to hire a trainer to do it for them, such as dog training Houston. The timing remains the same either way. An important tip to remember is that dogs that are spayed and neutered are easier to train because they are not as aggressive. If the dog is old enough to have this done, this should be taken care of before training begins.

Make sure to choose a name that has a rather short name ending to help with training. Dogs will be able to hear their name more clearly by doing so. Dog names with stronger endings make the puppy perk up faster. This is because of the strong emphasis at the ending of their name. It really makes a difference. However, older dogs may already be used to their names, so there is no point in changing it. Dog owners can consider changing a name if their dog was from a breeder or even if they are coming out of a home that was abusive. This entails a fresh start.

Deciding on house rules is also very important prior to bringing the dog home. Should the dog be allowed on the living room couch? Is the dog allowed on the bed? These rules should be laid out to avoid any confusion in the long run. If certain areas in the home are off-limits, this should be set clear. A private den should be set up as the dog’s room. From the minute the dog comes home, they should be introduced to their sleeping den. This room should not be used by anyone else in the home. Dog owners can reward their dogs as they show signs of remaining calm and relaxed after being left alone for short periods of time in their private space.

Dog owners have a duty to help their new dog relax once it is brought home. A warm hot water bottle is a great start in helping a dog relax and get settled into their new home. A ticking clock near the dogs sleeping area may be beneficial for imitating the heartbeat of littermates. It will also help soothe him in a new environment. Dogs that have just come from loud shelters may be very well in need of such a soothing environment.

Try teaching the dog to respond when his name is called. This is a great command and should be taught first before any other commands. This is also a great way to reinforce alpha status. Make sure to use his name to get him to come. Once he follows those commands, he should be rewarded using positive reinforcement. This can also be tried when the dog is busy doing other things. This will help a great deal as the dog begins to age.

Any good behavior should always be rewarded. Treats, and dog toys are a great way to reward him when he does something good. Show him some love. Most of all, allow him to see that what he is doing is the right thing. Bad behavior should never be rewarded as it will leave him confused.

Dog owners that need to seek professional advice, can do so by dog training Houston. Dog trainers are more than happy to help out with any tips or sessions that will ultimately have a huge impact in the future.