Benefits of CBD for cats

CBD for cats

When it comes to our feline companions, we try our best to keep them happy and healthy. The feline anatomy, much like ours has an endocannabinoid system. This means that like us, cats can enjoy some benefits of CBD.

Now that you know it is quite possible for your cat to enjoy benefits of CBD just like you and I continue reading and you’ll find out just what benefits your cat can enjoy.

The endocannabinoid system present in cats can be described as a network of receptors located all over the central nervous system as well as other systems which is able to interact with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. CBD can influence these receptors with all its beneficial anti-psychotic and anti-inflammatory properties resulting in improved functionality and integrity of these systems. Interaction by these receptors to CBD offers our cats many benefits including stress management, pain relief and in some cases reduced aggression.

Here are some specific benefits of CBD for cats:

Relief from joint pain and arthritis.

Dogs were believed to be more susceptible to arthritis than cats, however, in recent times, cats have been known to have an equal chance at getting arthritis especially in their old years.

Arthritis leads to decreasing mobility, a lack of energy, insistent pain and a lot of other unpleasant symptoms. You cannot prevent your cat from aging however you can use CBD to improve some of the symptoms that come with age. CBD is famous for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In arthritic cats, it can reduce the inflammation while preventing the spread of further inflammation. CBD also activates and desensitizes the brain’s vanilloid receptor decreasing the perceived level of pain.

Stress and anxiety management.

Our cats also experience stress as well as anxiety just like us. Stress can be triggered in cats by environmental changes as well as conflict with other cats or health problems and irregularities.

Stress at moderate levels may give your cat an attitude for a day, when stress becomes prolonged, you are a cat may exhibit various undesirable behaviors such as poor eating habits, poor grooming habits, unusual behaviors as well as many other issues. If your cat is experiencing stress and it goes unnoticed, it can likely snowball into greater problems.

CBD helps to alleviate stress by regulating cortisol also known as the stress hormone. It also influences the receptors in the brain that control the mood and moderates neurological activity.

CBD helps to stimulate the appetite.

It is important not to overfeed your cat however a regular eating habit is instrumental for their health and well-being. CBD can help stimulate your cat’s appetite and promote a regular eating habit.

CBD can help to regulate the mood.

CBD alleviates underlying issues such as stress health issues and anxiety, and as a result, will help improve your cat’s general mood.

CBD may reduce epileptic seizures in cats.

Another similarity that our cats share with us is that they are susceptible to epileptic seizures as well.

Although much research has yet to be done with regards to CBT and the treatment of epileptic felines, some researchers have confirmed that CBD had effectively reduced the frequency and severity of seizures in their trials.

It is worth noting that the effects of CBD on our cats are still undergoing further research hence it is strongly advisable to consult your vet before giving your cat CBD. Also due to individual differences, some cats may react differently than others to CBD.

Not just the above mentioned advantages of using the CBD, according to a research, the CBD oil can also fight against kennel cough. Can cats get kennel cough? You can learn more about Kennel Cough by clicking the link.