What You Need to Do Before You Bring Home Your Puppy


Introducing a puppy into a home is an amazing and exciting time for any family. The laughter, affection and love that your furball will bring will leave you overjoyed; however, as the days when you will bring your pup home draw closer, you need to make sure that you are prepared for their arrival. Here are a few things that you won’t want to forget.

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Pet Proofing

Much like how children can get into everything, puppies can also have a mischievous streak and insatiable sense of curiosity. Ensuring that your home is safe for them to run around in and explore is essential, but you will also want to ensure that your home is protected from the damage of your dog. Consider puppy-proofing, everywhere from pet proof carpet Compton CA to gating and crating so that everyone and everything can be safe.


Your pup will have little sense of right or wrong and how to act when you first bring them home and they will be reliant on you. Make sure that you are ready for puppy behavior. As you ready yourself for puppy behaviors, you should have a plan for chewing, potty training, behavioral training and other important lessons. Enlisting the help of professional trainers can help ensure that you have a well-trained and well-behaved companion.


Your little one will have plenty of needs that you will need to see to. Equipping yourself with supplies for your new canine companion will be an essential step. Make sure that you have everything from pet food to toys to accessories and a crate. While you don’t need to go crazy and buy every dog toy, bed and accessory out there, make sure that you have the essentials.

Bringing home a puppy is such an incredibly exciting time; however, it also requires a lot of work. You will want to make sure that your family is ready for this big responsibility and ready for all of the transition, love and cuddles that your canine companion will bring.