Tips for Every Pet Owner

Pet Owner

Adding an animal to your home can seem like a great idea, but if you aren’t prepared for the responsibility that lies ahead it can quickly feel like an extra burden. No matter what kind of animal you’re bringing home, there are a few things every pet owner should know about the care and keeping of another creature. Whether you’re searching for a “pet puppy Augusta GA” or a new kitten in Portland, OR, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

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Just like people, animals should have an annual vet exam at the very least. When they’re young, they’ll often see the vet a few times a year to receive routine shots and vaccinations. Any time your animal is sick, they’ll require medical care, which comes with a sometimes hefty bill at the end. Be sure to factor in costs of care when you bring home your new furball.

Weight is often an issue for pets, especially cats and dogs. Do your research on how much your animal should eat for their age and size and the best ways to feed them. Some animals do better on a feeding schedule that discourages needless snacks during the day.


Almost all pets will require some type of training. Dogs usually require the most, as you’ll have to house break them and train them to observe proper manners. Some breeds are easier to train than others, but all will require significant time and attention to turn them into model pooches.

Even cats require some training as kittens. You’ll have to work to adjust their natural schedule to meet yours so they don’t keep you up at night and sometimes, you might have to teach kittens to use the litterbox. Although they require significantly less attention than dogs, you must show a cat how to behave in your home correctly. Learn here at about how you can train your cat.