The Challenges You Will Encounter When You Bring Home a New Puppy


Adopting a new puppy into your family will change your life for the better but, at first, it will be a little challenging. A new puppy is a bundle of seemingly bottomless energy that, like a toddler, will be awake and ready to play at odd hours. Moreover, there will be a couple of mistakes (i.e. ruined furniture) as it adjusts to its new home.

There certainly will be a few problems along the way, but in time and with proper training, you can raise your fur-ever friend into a gentle and loving pet. Good thing, there are puppy schools in Orem and other places in Utah to help you out when you encounter these issues.

House-breaking Your New Pal

The first thing you would want to teach your pup is potty training. After all, no owner will want a dog that grows up not knowing that the bed is not the carpet and is not the right place to pee or poo.

This will require time and patience. Your pup will not be able to learn what is right and wrong overnight. It would take weeks, or even months, for your pup to be successfully house trained. Remember that establishing a routine (that you and your pet will strictly follow) and having plenty of spot removers will be necessary during potty training.

Housetraining also involves crate training. Your pup, like you, needs a room of its own where it can spend some time in solitude. A crate will provide a relaxing and comforting area for your pup when it needs a break. It is a safe space for when the entire household is busy and you do not want your dog running around.

Leash Training and Socialization

Going out for a walk around the neighborhood or playing in the local dog park will be the highlight of your pup’s day. However, before you go exploring the world, your pup will need to learn a couple of things first. One is to train it to walk confidently wearing a collar or a harness and a leash. Two, your pup needs to follow you politely wherever you want to go, not pull or drag you away from your daily route.

To do these, let your pup get used to wearing a collar or a harness inside the house. When it starts to tug into a different direction, turn into a tree and do not move until it has returned to you.

Another thing that your pup needs to get used to is interacting with other people and dogs. You do not want your pup to bark and get into fights when you are at a dog park. A puppy school provides a secure and controlled environment for your pup to meet and get used to the presence of other dogs. Moreover, you, as an owner, will have the opportunity to learn your pup’s body language so you can intervene when you need to.


When your pup is young, expect to lose a few prized possessions. Your pup will be so energetic and your patience will be tested. You can expect a lot of digging, scratching, and gnawing while it is growing up.

To prevent your pup from destroying items within your home, give it its own toys to play with and set some boundaries (not letting it inside certain rooms, for example). Moreover, give it ample exercise throughout the day so that, by the time you come home from your walks, your pup will be too exhausted to chew your work shoes or clothes.

Caring for a dog, let alone a puppy, is not all fun and games. However, in the end, all your hard work will be worth it. You will gain not just an adorable companion but a loyal friend for life.