Stress Free Visits to Your Local Vet


We know that bringing your pet to the local veterinarian can be a stressful experience, they are intuitive creatures who know exactly what is going on the moment you get them ready to visit the vet. The best way to ensure your pet’s visit is stress free is to make a few adjustments, veterinary services in Gloucester suggest putting your pet at ease prior to and during their visit to the vet. When choosing the right veterinarian to take care of your pet, remember to look for these qualities:

  • Understanding
  • Patience
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Availability

A good quality vet can make all the difference, once you have chosen the right professional, follow all of the tips mentioned below to ensure your next visit is as happy and comfortable as possible.


When bringing your dog into the veterinary clinic, make sure you do it by yourself. It helps them to associate something they love with going to see the vet – spending time with you and going for a walk. If you are using a carrier in your vehicle, make sure your pet is familiar with the product.

Don’t Feed Them Before You Go

If your dog or cat is anxious, they could empty their bowels or bladder more frequently than usual. If they’ve an empty stomach, they’ve less of a chance of getting sick in the car.

Reduce Waiting Time

The less time you spend in the waiting room the better, animals can sense fear from other animals, so don’t have them waiting around for too long.