Signs That Your Dog Needs to See a Vet


As a dog owner, do you know when your dog is ill? Do you know which signs to look out for? For the longest time, dogs have been man’s best friend. Some opt to keep dogs as pets in their houses while others construct a kennel for them.

However, just as humans, dogs do get ill and require medical treatment. It is important to know when your dog is not well so that you can seek treatment. Dog illnesses vary from minor to serious.

Here are some signs that can indicate your dog is unwell and needs to see a vet.

Loss of Appetite

All dogs do not have the same appetite for food. As a dog owner, you definitely know the amount of food your dog feeds. If you notice it’s eating less or not eating at all, this is a cause for concern. This could be caused by a sore mouth or a mouth injury and requires treatment.

Drinking a Lot of Water

Dogs need to be hydrated, but when their thirst increases, this can be a sign they are unwell. Excessive drinking habits can be due to diabetes or even kidney diseases. These diseases can be life-threatening, but if diagnosed early, they are manageable and treatable.


A dog can vomit due to taking in a lot of food at once. However, vomiting can also be a result of a serious health condition. It can be caused by your dog consuming a poisonous substance or medical-related problems. If you don’t know what is causing your dog to vomit, it would be wise to have them checked by a vet.

Difficulty Walking

It may be difficult to know what is causing your dog to limp. There are many reasons why a dog may limp, ranging from minor to serious conditions. Your dog may hurt its leg while playing which may not be serious. If the limping does not go away, it may be the time to have it checked by a vet.

Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is one of the causes of limping in dogs. This cannot be diagnosed with a mere look at the dog; hence you need to have it screened by a professional dog IVDD Boulder vet. IVDD, if not treated, can lead to nerve damage leading to paralysis.

Dog Crying, Whining, or Red Eyes

Crying in dogs can be a sign of anxiety, excitement, environment change, frustration, or even pain. If your dog has an underlying condition such as arthritis, this can painful and may cause it to cry. In case it does not have a condition that you are aware of and is crying continuously, a visit to the vet is the way to go.

An eye allergy can cause red eyes. However, it can also be due to other health conditions such as Conjunctivitis or corneal ulcer; hence you may need to make that trip to the vet to have it checked.

Many people love dogs as pets. To some, a dog is part of the family. Living with them can be fun. Always ensure they are in good health condition. Any time you notice an abnormality, it’s crucial to see a vet immediately.