Mistakes to avoid while training your dog

training your dog

Whether you have a pet dog/ puppy or planning to bring home a canine companion along with the best dog food and health care, training is one of the crucial aspects that you need to accomplish. No pet owner wants their furry companion to be aggressive, disobedient, violent, and completely out of control. A lot of information, classes, and methods are available about how to train a dog. It is possible to make your pet learn just about anything.

However, many dog owners make mistakes while training their pets. Most of the time dog owners are not aware of the mistakes made while training dogs. Such mistakes can have a big impact and frustration on both ends.  So if you want to train your dog in the best possible way, here are some top mistakes to avoid while training your dog.

·   Training too much or too little- You should indeed start training your dog the moment you bring your pet home. However, you need to be careful about the duration and frequency of training sessions. Training your dog for too long or too much can make your dog tired or bored.

It’s important to have patience and think about consistent and productive sessions. Similarly, training too short, like a 5-minute session is not adequate and makes it difficult for your dog to learn. Give adequate time to your dog to grasp in. Rather than one hour a day; go for several sessions of 10 minutes. This way, your dog can learn to follow your instructions properly. Furthermore, go for a single trick per session. Be consistent with your training otherwise, your pet will get confused. Mixed commands and actions and reactions might distract or confuse your dog.

  • One size fits all approach- Many pet owners find information from books, internet and think that it will work for their pets. There are numerous dog training techniques and programs. However, it is essential to try out different things with your pet and develop your training program.

·  Bribing instead of training with rewards

When it comes to dog training and teaching new skills, treats and rewards are valuable resources. However, the liberal use of rewards can often work against you. Rather than offering your German shepherd food treats, think about reward in terms of praising and esteem. Initiate new behaviors with rewards but it should not be a bribe. If you make treats a habit it can slow down your pet friend’s focus. Never hold a visible treat in your hand while asking your pet to accomplish the task. For example, rather than having some Labrador dog food treat in your hand, surprise your Labrador by spending more time or praising him.

Rather, unpredictable rewards can help sharpen your dog’s behavior.

·  Harsh discipline- Forceful approach while training including yelling or using a raised voice, aggressive reactions, physical punishment, beating the dog, and angry tone can lead to dangerous consequences. Treat them like children. Your dog should come to you happily when you call him or during training.

Your furry friend to the family needs time. Avoid the above-discussed mistakes. Spend quality time with your pet. Be patient. Induce positive training methods and surely you will have a happy, well-behaved, and friendly companion.