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Everything You Need to Know About Catteries

What Exactly Is A Cattery

As much as you love your cat, there are times when your feline companion cannot accompany you. This could either be because of travel or other commitments, where a pet is not necessarily welcome. In such cases, you will need a place to look after your cat in the period you are unavailable.

This is exactly what a cattery does.

A cattery is boarding or hotel for cats where they will be looked after with uttermost care and attention. These are sometimes referred to as cat kennels. These are usually indoor and outdoor facilities that ensure that your feline pet is fed, cleaned and checked on at regular intervals.

There are times in your life where you simply want to relax while you’re away without having to worry about your cat. Most importantly, you want to have peace of mind that your cat is okay and safe. If you pick a cattery based on certain conditions, you can be quite sure that you’re getting a safe and professional service.

How To Choose A Good Cattery

With all the options available, focusing on these factors mentioned below might come in handy when choosing the right cattery for your pet.


When visiting, ensure that the facility is comfortable for the cat. Similar to how we wouldn’t prefer living in a hotel with extreme conditions, our cats too prefer to live in a place with a comfortable temperature. Depending on the season, you might want to ensure that the facility has the equipment to provide enough warmth or cooling.


Any pet, however small needs a certain amount space to move around. Always ensure that the boarding you choose has both indoor and outdoor facilities, so that your cat avoid feeling claustrophobic.


Cleanliness is one of the main factors in deciding a facility for your cat. If the place does not meet basic standards, you are putting your cat at risk by admitting them there. Do not try to save on money by cutting corners. It will come to bite you back in the form of potential health issues for your pet (or even you).

Love and Affection

Giving your pet to a cattery should never mean that you are forgoing love and care. They must ensure that they are a perfect substitute for you while you are away. Previous customer reviews can give you a good idea about this factor of a particular cattery.

Watched and Monitored

A good facility will have trained professionals that monitor your pet regularly. When you aren’t around, it is their responsibility to ensure that no harm befalls your precious feline. Looking up reviews online can help determine how safe their service is.

Medical Facility

Ensure the cattery has a medical facility in the case of emergencies. Another alternative is having a veterinary clinic close-by and on-call.

Special Requirements

In case your pet has certain requirements, be it health-related or otherwise, a good facility should be able to accommodate it without much difficulty. They should be able to accommodate the best health care practices along with curt business service edge, with effective patient statement services at the end.

Pet Care

How to help your senior dog get though winter.

As a dog owner, you need to pay special attention towards its comfort during the winter season. As per veterinarians, the dogs are going through a lot of discomfort throughout the winter season. If you are having a senior dog, you need to be extra mindful about this. That’s because your senior dog has a weakened health and you need to ensure that you are providing appropriate assistance needed by it to refrain from hassle.

Unfortunately, your senior dog cannot speak and let you know about the pain they go through. Therefore, it is up to you to take necessary steps to provide the protection and care needed by your dog throughout winter.

The below mentioned tips can provide an excellent assistance for you to take care of the senior dog during winter season.

Find a good coat for your dog

Some of the dog breeds are blessed with thick natural coats. However, that is not in a position to provide comfort that they need during the winter season. Therefore, you should purchase an appropriate coat for your dog to wear during the winter. A good coat should have the ability to cover the entire body from neck to end of the tail. If you are having a senior dog, you should understand that the natural coat is weak and it doesn’t have the ability to provide protection during the winter season. Due to this reason, you are strongly encouraged to think about purchasing a coat from the market. Then you will be able to see how your senior dog prefers to spend most of his time on the coat, as it can deliver a comfortable experience.

Take your dog out when it is shiny

When you see the sunshine, you need to take the dog outdoors. Perth based Veterinarian clinic Thepetpractice noted that this can help your dog to enjoy the sunshine and avoid the frustration associated with winter chill. Without just letting the dog go out, you can think about playing along with him outdoors. Then you will be able to encourage your dog to spend more time outdoors. Your senior dog will feel good with these visits.

Keep the dog hydrated at all times

Keeping the dog hydrated can be considered as one of the best methods available for you to protect it from winter chill. That’s because the dogs tend to get dehydrated quickly during the winter season. To make sure that your dog is hydrated at all times, you can think about placing a bowl of water. In addition, you need to encourage your dog to drink water more often as well.

Groom the dog

Your dog is in need of a well-groomed and a clean coat throughout the winter season. Therefore, it is up to you to provide that coat to your companion. If your dog is spending a lot of time outdoors, you must focus a lot on dog grooming. Whenever your dog takes a bath, you can groom him. Your dog would love the entire process of grooming as well.

Never overfeed your dog

You should never overfeed your dog during the winter season. It is true that your dogs need additional nutrition to stay healthy during the winter season. However, you need to make sure that you don’t overfeed your dog with fat. There is no specific diet that you should provide to your dog. That’s because you will need to take a look at the activities of your dog and control the calorie intake accordingly. If your dog is playing, you will have to increase the calorie intake. If not, you shouldn’t be thinking about overfeeding the dog.

Moisturize the dog

Cold and dry weather can create a negative impact on the delicate skin of your dog. Therefore, you need to think about moisturizing it. With proper miniaturization, you will be able to keep the dog away from a variety of health conditions. They include flaky and dry skin as well. You don’t need to go ahead with chemical moisturizers, which can create a negative impact on the health of your dog in the long run. Instead, you can stick to natural moisturizers. Coconut oil is considered as one of the best natural moisturizers available for you to try out.

Create a cozy bed

During the winter season, you will recognize that your dog prefers to spend a lot of time inside the bed. Therefore, you need to create a cozy bed, which can keep him warm. If your dog doesn’t have a cozy bed, you need to think about getting a one. That’s because your dog cannot sleep on the cold winter floor. You can easily use few blankets to create a warm and comfortable bed for the dog. Or else, you can think about spending your money to purchase heated pet beds from the market.

Reduce the time you spend outdoors with the dog

Unlike summer season, you cannot go out and spend a lot of time with your dog during the winter season. Hence, you need to think about limiting the time that your dog spends outdoors. This can help you to prevent frustrating frostbites as well. This doesn’t mean that you should not let the dog go outdoors during winter. You can let him go out and play. However, you should keep an eye on your companion when he is out. If you can see any signs of cold in the dog, you need to take necessary steps to get him into the home.

Final Words

Taking care of a senior dog is never an easy thing to do. However, it is a must for you to provide protection needed by your senior dog during the winter season. Then you will be able to see how your senior dog is enjoying his time during the colder season of the year.

Pet Care

Dog training, choose the right trainer for your pet

When you decide to train your dog and to rely on a trainer, you should seek for professionals. You should find the right person to treat your dog with care and consideration but who is also to teach your dog different commands. When it comes to dogs, the ones which are the best behaved and well-trained are the ones which are most appreciated by their owners. And every dog owner wants their pet to be this way, for the safety of the dog.

Choosing the best person to trust with training your pet is difficult but some aspects to take into consideration are does this person have the experience it takes? and does this person truly care about the dog? Generally, these two go hand in hand as a good dog trainer is a person who cares deeply for all canine races.

Total K9 – Passionate and professional training

When it comes to professionalism and passion, is highly appreciated. Treating every dog as per its own needs, this team can help every dog owner in the UK have the respectful and well behaved dog they deserve.

Total K9 offers training solutions on site or at the owner’s home, depending on the dog’s personality and the owner’s request. Establishing the right type of training is easy, you can do it over the phone, by taking the time to explain what you pet is like and what needs to be improved when it comes to his or her behaviour.

Training every dog breed for many years now, Total K9 has the expertise to accompany their deep love and consideration for dogs. They will take very good care of your canine friend by paying attention to his or her needs and adapting the training for the dog’s individuality. So your pet will still be your pet, the only difference will be its improved manners.

When it comes to personal protection dog training there are plenty of services out there, just make sure you rely your dog’s behaviour on a professional. Keep in mind that the trainer can come to your house so you can see how the training sessions proceed, and stay close to the trainer so that you can learn how to maintain your canine friend’s good behaviour.

Owning a dog is a rewarding feeling. Male or female, it will offer you all the love in the world and will always put a smile on your face. But in order to have a pet who listens to you, you need to train him and the best way to do it is by relying on the expertise of a professional dog trainer. A person who will respect, care and teach your dog to be obedient at the same time.

Invest time in training your dog and your pet will invest every day of his or her life in loving you. Offer your pet the chance to be the best pet and it will offer you companionship for as long as he or she lives.

Pet Care

De-Clawing Kitty and Kitty Scratching Home elevators Prevention as well as Tips

It’s important for an individual to think cautiously before putting a home cat inside. This happens because cats constantly scratch home furniture. Scratching is really a standard cat behavior.

Cats residing outside don’t face this issue, since these people hone their own claws upon trees and so forth. The most significant reason with regard to cat itching is that in so doing they tag their place. They physical exercise themselves as well as remove lifeless nails in so doing. Scratching additionally makes all of them feel great.

Methods To avoid Cat Itching:

It is actually unreasonable as well as wrong to anticipate cats to finish scratching. To avoid scratching, you need to construct or style a itching post, provide appropriate play toys and so forth.
It is going to be beneficial to construct scratching articles in areas in which the cat spends the majority of its period, with one close to the cat’s sleeping area. The height from the post must be such how the cat has the capacity to scratch this, while upon its hind thighs with prolonged forelegs.

The publish also needs to be very sturdy to avoid it through toppling. A itching post using a corner is actually preferable so the cats may scratch on both sides. Some felines also just like a horizontal itching post.

Give special considered to the area quality from the scratching publish. Firmly weaved fabrics frequently covers industrial scratching articles for permanence, but the cat generally just like a slackly weaved fabric, because its paws clasp as well as rip whilst scratching. The carpet addressing is suitable. It is essential to ensure no tight loops can be found in this. Many felines favor sisal, part of an aged chair as well as bare wood for itching. It is actually advisory to utilize a material that the cat favors.

If this particular consumes considerable time, then gentle claws tend to be another advantageous alternative. Individuals may apply these types of light vinyl fabric caps on the cat’s claw. These hats have bent ends and therefore the scratching of the cat doesn’t destroy a person’s home as well as fittings.
You’ll be able to prevent the cat’s harmful scratching through cautiously cutting down on the razor-sharp tips from the cat’s claw. A couple can easily make this happen task. Anyone holds the actual cat, as the other slashes its fingernails.


Another means to fix prevent kitty scratching is actually de-clawing. This really is however an extremely severe action and can harm the actual cat. People need to consider onychectomy, once the cat experiences a continual infection, troubling wounds or even neoplastic illness.

Terms for example mayhem, mutilation, dismemberment as well as disjointing aptly determine de-clawing. Unlike as to the people believe, the de-clawing surgical treatment includes severing from the claws, the whole phalanges, important joints, ligaments, bone fragments, nerves as well as tendons.

Ten individual hurtful amputations relating to the third phalanx and also the last joint of each and every toe is performed in the actual de-clawing surgical treatment. Unlike the actual human finger nail, the cat’s claw is really a segment from the final bone within the toe.

Aside from de-clawing, other instruction methods will also be present, which kitty owners may attempt to employ their own cats to prevent scratching inside. Training can be done for just about all cats with a while, love as well as consideration.