Lotus Satria

Lotus Satria
Lotus Satria is the founder and writer of this website. He has written many useful and awesome articles about pets.

Herd Health & Preparing Cattle For Breeding Season

This infographic was created by Agtech Inc, a provider of animal breeding supplies

How to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding?

Many dogs experience separation anxiety when they have to be away from their owners. If you are planning on taking a vacation and leaving...

Tips for Every Pet Owner

Adding an animal to your home can seem like a great idea, but if you aren't prepared for the responsibility that lies ahead it...

7 Fun Things to do With Your Dog

Dogs have shared our homes with us for so many years and have truly earned their title as man’s best friend. It is safe to...

A Dummies Guide on How to Care for Chickens

What came first: The chicken or the egg? Who cares, as long as you take good care of the chickens that lay the eggs?Proper...

Amphipods and Copepods 101: What’s in My Tank?

While you enjoy the aesthetics of your aquarium, you may notice a bug or two. The critters you see within your tank are most...

Road Trips with Rover: Top Pet Friendly Travel Destinations

Are you thinking of taking a vacation with your pet but aren't certain where to go? With over 90% of all pet owners viewing their pets...

What Human Foods Can Dogs Eat? A Complete List

The big eyes. The high-pitched whine. The way they throw themselves on the ground like they're dying of starvation. If you've experienced any of...

What You Need to Do Before You Bring Home Your Puppy

Introducing a puppy into a home is an amazing and exciting time for any family. The laughter, affection and love that your furball will...


Lotus Satria

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