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Lotus Satria
Lotus Satria is the founder and writer of this website. He has written many useful and awesome articles about pets.

How To Make The At – Home Pet Euthanasia Process Easy For You And Your Dog?

Dogs are the best companion for everyone. Unfortunately, they are not immune to getting ill and deteriorated as they grow. Some pets have an...

How To Keep Your Dog Active

As a dog owner, it is your job to invest in your dog’s health and wellbeing. This means keeping them active and engaged; however,...

Why You Might Need A Pet

Pets are becoming increasingly popular over the past few years. Dogs are the most commonly kept pets by individuals and families. Although dogs are...

3 Reasons to Consider Residential Obedience Training for Your Dog

Like any baby, puppies need training. Obedience training is essential for any dog to thrive in your home, and for some, residential training is...

Questions to Ask a New Veterinarian

Your veterinarian is going to play a key role in ensuring that your pet stays as healthy as possible. Here are a few things...

Is Horse Rescue a Calling for You

Across the nation, new animal rescue agencies spring to life. Most notable are the horse rescue organizations that have emerged recently. Some of these...

Best Veterinary Vision Supplements For Your Dog

The eye is known as the window of our soul. And the eyes of your pet are very vital. Nowadays there are more talks...

Why You Should Board Your Pet for Your Next Vacation

When it's time for you to finally take that well-deserved vacation, you want to make sure everything at home is taken care of. When...

3 Ideas for Wildlife Watching

Wildlife watching is a pastime gaining popularity in America. Around 86 million Americans have taken to the great outdoors in hopes of spotting feathered or furry...

Herd Health & Preparing Cattle For Breeding Season

This infographic was created by Agtech Inc, a provider of animal breeding supplies


Lotus Satria

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